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Zen Music Center is a professional music school, educating kids from Central New Jersey and beyond for over 20 years.  We shine above other music centers because we focus on quality instructors who have studied music on a collegiate level with advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience.  This allows us to emphasize style, and exceptional training.  With the proper guidance from an experienced and passionate faculty, music can soon be a part of your life.


We welcome students of all ages.  No matter your age, we will provide professional lessons of all experience levels.

We focus on each student's individual needs.  Whether your interest is in classical music, jazz, pop, Broadway, or opera, we can provide the right teacher to fit your desired style.  Not only do we provide quality music lessons, but we also teach theory, ear training, and encourage public performances.  We offer recitals and Master Classes for all students throughout the year.  We also specialize in preparation for the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams.  Our students have gone on to pursue music degrees.

Giving your child the right musical education can benefit your child forever.  As we are constantly surrounded by music, the ability to play an instrument allows students to participate in a versatile and respected art form.  We provide the necessary guidance to lead your child to experience and appreciate music.

Studies have shown that diversified students have a much higher acceptance rate into top universities and are generally more successful in life.

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