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Large, Mid or Small Rehearsal Spaces

Rehearsal Rooms for Rent

PM MUSIC SCHOOL is now offering our piano rooms for private use.  Our facility has one large performance room containing a Grand Piano and one mid size room with a Baby Grand . We also rent out use of our 4 small upright piano rooms. So whether you just need a quiet spot to practice for a few hours,  or you and your quartet need to rehearse for an upcoming gig, we have a space for you!  Below is a guideline to our pricing, please submit all rental inquires to the email below for your precise quote. 

Large Room w/ Grand Piano $60.00 p/ hr

Large Room- no piano use $50.00 p/hr

Mid Room w/ Baby Grand  $45.00 p/hr

Small room w/ upright $ $30.00 p/hr

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