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Since we do not offer any group classes as public schools do, we can provide our one on one, private music classes in a safe environment. 
However, in order to keep our school a healthy place for our students and staff, many safety precautions are implemented.

General sanitizing procedures:

1/ Every lesson room is disinfected with an UV lamp, which kills over 99.9% of bacteria and germs including coronavirus, at the end of the day so it is sterilized for the next day of teaching.
2/ Piano teachers wipe keyboards with disinfecting wipes before and after each student.
3/ Every room has hand sanitizer available.
4/ At the end of every day two robot-vacuum cleaners will run in the school; both are equipped with UV-lamps so they do not only clean up floors but also disinfect them with UV-lamps while doing so.
5/ In the bathroom there is a touchless soap dispenser as well as a touchless paper towel dispenser installed.
6/ High-Touch surfaces such as door handles and table tops are wiped with disinfectants frequently throughout the day to minimize their surface germs

Upon entering school:

1/ Everybody inside of the school must wear a face mask - covering mouth and nose - at all times (except wind players that are allowed to remove their masks during the class in order to be able to play)
2/ Social distancing is required inside school all the time including outside of the rooms and during the class.
3/ Anybody entering school will have temperature check with touchless thermometer
4/ We ask that you please disinfect your hands with hand sanitizer available immediately upon entering the building.
5/ All students and teachers are advised to wash hands frequently with soap before touching anything at our school.
6/ We kindly ask everyone not to sit on the sofa at this time - other seats that are placed 6 feet apart are available to sit if necessary.
7/ School's occupancy will be limited to 10 people inside - including teachers, students and assistants.
8/ Students should be dropped off at the school at the time of their lesson.  Parents: please wait outside of the school whenever possible. When class is finished, please pick up your child in a timely manner to keep indoor occupants at a minimum.

All the actions listed above are necessary and aimed to provide safety to all parties involved - students, teachers, assistant and parents.
They are in alignment with the CDC and State regulations and beyond.

We believe that if we all do our part, we can all enjoy music together safely.
We would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in all the matters above.
Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.
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